From August 1st until October 29th 2023

Rubens Castle, Zemst
Domain and castle are free to visit!

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Summer’s finest, for everyone to enjoy: we’re doing this together.

Thanks to Stories Unfold, you will find an exceptionally diverse offer of activities in one location: the Rubens Castle. The domain where Peter Paul Rubens lived between 1635 and 1640 will even be provided with a temporary pavilion – a stunning piece of circular architecture with a cozy bar and stage.

The program of Stories Unfold is subject to last-minute changes. Make sure to check the website for the latest updates and adjustments.

An extraordinary collection of castles

Stories Unfold is a new revaluation festival that takes place on a Flemish estate every two years, bringing the rich stories of Flemish castles and gardens to life. It takes you closer to the soul of these unique places, to nature and to each other. It shows you the role our iconic landmarks can play in the future.

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Bar 1635: a summer of local delicacies, in the heart of our pavilion.

Small 'goestinske' or big appetite? At Bar 1635, we have something for everyone. Our menu offers mostly delicious vegetarian options, occasionally supplemented by vegan dishes, and weekly suggestions for sustainable meat meals. We strive to use local, seasonal and fair trade products.

By the way, did you know that the bar's name was inspired by Rubens himself? He bought the castle in Elewijt in 1635 and stayed there during the summer months with his wife and children.


Persoon die bediend wordt door bar 1635.



Experience a summer of wonder, connection, imagination and inspiration with Stories Unfold.

Have you always wanted to camp at a castle? With Stories Unfold you can do exactly that, and much more. We fill three summer months with music, workshops, art, theater, dance, a summer bar, crafts and nature explorations, ... Join us from August 1 onwards at the Rubens Castle for a wide range of experiences that are just as magical as the location.



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Steendreef 77
1982 Zemst
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