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Apple tasting and info booth Pomko


Ever wanted to taste a "living" database? It's possible!

Well-sounding names such as Trezeke Meyers, Comtesse de Paris, Star Apple, Bergamotte Esperen, French Bellefleur, Légipont, Gravenstein, Soldat Laboreur, Reinette Hernaut, ... capture the imagination. It reminds us of the preparations our ancestors made. A piece of bread dough around a Cat's Head (Calville de Saint-Sauveur), a pear in a delicious pastry, or simply an apple pie with delicious apples from the orchard. Different types of apples and pears were also common on different castle estates.

Come and taste the rich colours and fragrances of the fruit of yesteryear. At our Pomko stand, we will introduce you to the taste of forgotten fruit varieties. Taste delicious fruits of old fruit varieties. The perfect time to taste rich fruit history.


Saturday 23 September 2023 from 10:00 to 18:00