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Or something else delicious from my court, plants and gardeners from Rubens' garden


Dear Lucas, on your departure be sure to check that you have secured my house properly, and that no originals or sketches remain on the painting house. Also tell Wilm, the gardener, that he will send some Rosilepeyrkens and figs to Elewijt - if there are any - or anything else tasty from my court. (Rubens from Elewijt to his friend and colleague Lucas Faydherbe in Antwerp, Aug. 17, 1638) To this day, this cat call is the only written testimony Rubens himself left about his garden. What did Rubens' garden in Antwerp and Elewijt look like? Can we still find out what species grew and flourished there? What delicacies from the herb and vegetable garden were served to the Rubens family? What was gardener Wilm's part in the maintenance and were there other gardeners at work? In this lecture Klara Alen, research curator of the historical garden of the Rubens House, uses paintings and archival documents to tell us about flowers, plants and gardeners in Rubens' Antwerp and Elewijt garden.


Saturday 23 September 2023 from 13:30 to 14:30