Eat, Drink, Overnight



Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

Join us for an evening full of natural flavors, unexpected conversations, and new friendships

The #MFC is a series of private dinners monthly held at our graphic design Studio , a spot where the love for food and design intertwine. For Stories unfold we will move our intimate setting to Rubens Castle, right in the heart of the pavilion: we will be serving a 6-course dinner menu

You can join the maffood club alone, with a friend or in a small group. Don't worry about gathering a big group to fill up the table; come as you are, and let the magic of the MAFFOOD CLUB bring us together.


The MAFFOOD CLUB is founded by Elke, graphic designer and owner of the design studio MAFF. With the MAFFOOD CLUB she blends her love for design and eye for detail with her passion for food.
She followed an intense cooking class in plant based cooking, followed by an even more intense internship at humus x hortense in Brussels. Since March the MAFFOOD CLUB is hold on a monthly base and sold out every time.
Even as she delves deeper into the culinary world, Elke’s graphic design background is never far away. For every dinner, a visual menu is created with colourful abstract pictures that represent each dish.

MAFFOOD CLUB private dinner*:
an appetizer followed by a 6-course menu featuring a selection of dishes that blend flavours, textures, and colours in unique and unexpected ways.

*suitable for vegetarians and vegans // most courses contain nuts // due to this being a pop-up event, we are unable to cater for allergy requirements and other dietary needs // refunds are not possible // you are of course free to give your ticket to someone else if you can't make it.
* The ticket is for food only // drinks, including a delicious selection of natural wines, can be purchased during the meal.


Thursday 28 September 2023 from 19:00 to 22:00