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Workshop 'Improvisation Party: Unleash Your Creativity and Amaze Everyone with Your Spontaneity!' for kids


Discover the magic of theatre and let your acting talents shine during our exciting theatre workshop for children aged 8 and over in the enchanting castle of legendary painter Rubens!

Are you a young actor and do you dream of shining on stage? Then this workshop is specially designed for you! Under the guidance of an experienced workshop leader, you will dive into the world of acting and develop your skills in a playful way.

During five individual workshops of 2.5 hours each, different themes are highlighted, specially tailored to children aged 8 and up. From discovering emotions and playing fun characters to improvising funny scenes and exploring text, each session will focus on a specific aspect of acting that perfectly suits your interests.

Sign up for the workshops that appeal to you most and have an adventure full of fun and creativity on stage!


Wednesday 20 September 2023 from 14:00 to 16:30